Download MP3 file The Jolly Beggarman.
A lively tune on the pipes and a great choice for a recessional.
(1.4Mb jolly_beggarman.mp3)

Terence McKinney Bagpipes
Terence in piper's full uniform.

MacBeth Tartan   Grren Irish Kilt
MacBeth tartan or Irish green kilt



The McKinneys, performing traditional Celtic music for special accasions on harp, pipes and fiddle.

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Biob Mhor Grteat Highland BagpipesIt is common for the Highland bagpipes or "big pipes" to be used for wedding ceremonies, funerals or other ceremonial events. Played traditionally as a solo instrument because of their pitch and volume. They are quite suitable for playing outdoors or where marching or movement is required.

At weddings the piper traditionally played leading the Bride and Groom out of the church. This creates a loud and festive atmosphere, like a fanfare. I do not recommend playing before the ceremony as it spoils the surprise.

Wheteher Scots or Irish, the instrument is the same, so I wear a MacBeth tartan kilt (blue) for Scottish weddings and a solid green color kilt for Irish events. Music from either tradition can be played.

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