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March 17, 2006, 8-12am
"Green Eggs & Ham" to benefit both Ulster Project of Detroit and Project Children. Both organizations are working to make Northern Ireland a safe & peaceful country. Held at Bennigan's, 40441 Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth. (734) 459-8907. Breakfast Buffet with Irish Fare - $7.99

BENEFIT IRISH TEA - March 26, 2006 starting at 3:00 PM at St. Owen Parish Center, 6869 Franklin Rd, Bloomfield Hills. Spend an afternoon relaxing and enjoying delightful Irish Music and Dance. Be an instrument of Peace for Northern Ireland. Free Will Donation. Contact Anne Bouch at (248) 851-1287 for Reservations or Information.

Past Events

Saturday, February 19, 2005

"An Evening at the Pub" at Shanahan's Irish Pub, Livonia. Shanahan’s Irish Pub, 17123 N. Laurel Park Dr. Livonia.

Music by "Firth and Foremost" as well as Irish dancing by "Shamrock's Four". Free will donations were accepted at the door. (734) 462-2096.

We wish to thank “Firth and Foremost” and “Shamrock’s Four” for the precious gifts of their time and talents to help make this evening enjoyable.

December 13, 2005

Christ Church in Bloomfield Hills.

A donation of $5 at the door entitled patrons to an evening of holiday music, refreshments and the opportunity acquire a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Photos...

Friday, May 21, 2004

St. Owens Church, Bloomfield Hills. An evening of relaxation, fun and an opportunity to hear premier Celtic music by extremely gifted performers including the Heinzman dancers and Ama Carey Barr, a poet from Co. Mayo. It was an evening of delightful entertainment.

Soloist Mary O'Callaghan Lynch performed as did Irish tenor, Patrick Lynch, well known for his leading performances in many musicals in the local theaters.

The Motor City Lyric Opera Children’s Chorus performed an Irish blessing by Rutter. The husband and wife team of Tom and Julie Firth, “Firth and Foremost”, entertained us with a repertoire of Irish ballads. In addition to all this we had a special guest appearance by local author, Thomas Lynch.poetry.

Also performimg was be the current All-Ireland harp champion Síobhan McKinney, as well as members of the Detroit Grupa Cheoil and "The Strawaway Child" Grupaí Cheoil. The grupa cheoil (music group) perform traditional Irish music in an arranged presentation. The two groups have members from 11-16 years old and are individually champion musicians in their own right. Photos from the event...

Ulster Project Logo

The Ulster Project of Metro Detroit is part of an international organization, Ulster Project International and is dedicated to promoting a peaceful parity of esteem between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland by building tolerance, trust, and ongoing positive relationships among potential leaders from these Christian traditions.

Our Purpose

  • To promote reconciliation between Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants by fostering tolerance, understanding, and friendship among teenage future leaders;

  • To present a program that brings Northern Irish teens of differing Christian faiths together in a strife-free atmosphere that emphasizes acceptance of all people, regardless of creed;

  • To educate and encourage persons, particularly supporters, committee members, and American Host Families, to appreciate their roles as peacemakers and mediators and to understand the purposes of Ulster Project;

  • To encourage Northern Irish leaders and clergy involved in the program to continue to foster the spirit of Ulster Project among the Northern Irish participants following each program;

  • To promote a spirit of community and commitment among American Ulster Project participants.


The Ulster Project International, and participating city Projects, is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization. 

Many people in the United States share a strong Protestant or Catholic heritage.  Our mission is to do something actively to help heal the wounds in Northern Ireland.  The people there are both weary and isolated.  There now seems to be a glimmer of hope, although the cease fires are fragile.  We offer one idea which, with time, determination, faith, and God's providence, will work.

There are few times when an individual, a family, or a parish, can be a true agent for peace in a seemingly endless international conflict.  In this instance, however, churches and people of this area, acting with good will, can make a difference in helping to convert the limited suspension of welfare to a real peace.



Updated: 04-Mar-2006

Jan Ivinson

Jim Hynes

Kit Ilardi

Nancy Roualet

A Plea From
The Ulster Project

In late June 2006, eight teens from Northern Ireland will arrive for a month in the metro Detroit area. They’ll need a place to stay, a family to welcome them and a teen to host them. That’s where you come in!

From approximately June 29th to July 28th, the American host teens and the visiting Northern Irish teens get together for an intensely programmed month of educational, social, service and spiritual activities designed to allow them to learn about diversity and conflict resolution in an atmosphere far removed from the tensions of Northern Ireland.

Our program promotes reconciliation between Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants by fostering tolerance, understanding and friendship among future leaders. This is a fancy way of saying that while they’re having a fantastic time; they’re also working for peace in the world!

We are looking for teens, age 14-16, who are open to new friendships and experiences. We need a welcoming family environment, and the availability of both teen and family throughout the entire month long project.

Please consider participating in the Ulster Project. Although the project requires an investment of time and energy, the rewards are incredible. The Ulster Project is a real and effective way to move towards peace in Ireland.
Contact Jim Hynes 248-538-4646 or

Metro Detroit Ulster Project   •  P.O. Box 678   •  Royal Oak, MI 48068-0678  •  248-435-4324

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